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The 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week &The 2nd China-ASEAN Education Minister Roundtable Conference
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The 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

&The 2nd China-ASEAN Education Minister Roundtable Conference

Aug.1-7, 2016

Guizhou, P. R. China


Hosted by: Ministry of Education of the P. R. China

     Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the P. R. China

     People’s Government of Guizhou Province, P. R. China


Organized by: Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, P. R. China

       Guizhou Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, P. R. China

       ASEAN-China Centre

       Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization


Flagship Program of “ASEAN-China Educational Exchange Year”

At the 18th China-ASEAN Summit in November of 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, leaders from China and 10 ASEAN countries approved that the year 2016 will be “ASEAN-China Educational Exchange Year”.

The 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week & The 2nd China-ASEAN Education Minister Roundtable Conference (abbr. 9th CAECW) themed Education First, Make Dreams Come True Together, is the flagship program of “ASEAN-China Educational Exchange Year” and has been listed as one of the most important activities to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations.


Full-year Activities in Both China and ASEAN

Warm-up period: Jan. 1-Jul. 31, 2016

Curtain-up period: Aug. 1-7, 2016

Follow-up period: Aug. 8-Dec. 31, 2016

The activities held in Guizhou Province during the curtain-up period of Aug. 1-7, 2016 are the core ones of the 9th CAECW. While in warm-up period and follow-up period, a series of activities authorized by the Organizing Committee of CAECW will be held under the name of the 9th CAECW in both China and ASEAN.


A Wide Variety of Activities

Focusing on higher education, vocational education and basic education, the 9th CAECW will hold a series of activities geared to the needs of governmental officials, principals and rectors, teachers, scholars and experts, youth etc.

Programs in Curtain-up Period

Opening Ceremony of The 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week & The 2nd China-ASEAN Education Minister Roundtable Conference

The 2nd China-ASEAN Education Minister Roundtable Conference

100 China-ASEAN Presidents & Principals Cooperating for the Future Series

The 2nd China-ASEAN TVET Expos

China-ASEAN Exhibition on ICT and Education

China-ASEAN Youth Exchange Series

China-ASEAN Education Cooperation and Talent Exchange Fair

Programs in Warm-up Period and Follow-up Period


China-ASEAN Ecological Civilization Construction and Sustainable Development Workshop

Organizers: Guizhou University, China-ASEAN Education and Training Centers

Venues: Guizhou University, South China University of Technology


China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week---Study in China Exhibition (Guizhou) in Cambodia and Viet Nam

Organizers: Guizhou Education Center for International Exchange, Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange

Co-organizers: Guizhou University, Guizhou Service Center for ASEAN Students

Venues: Phnom Penh, Hanoi

For more information of updating activities, please enter China-ASEAN Education Information Network .


Various Forms of Activities

The 9th CAECW will hold well-rounded activities with various forms like exhibitions, academic symposiums, cooperation forums, training workshop, language and culture exchanges, youth exchanges, promotion meetings, etc.


Participants From Different Countries and Fields

Countries involved The mechanism of Special Guest Countries has been adopted since 2015 on the basis of ASEAN-China 10+1. The Special Guest Counties of the 9th CAECW would be Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Russia, etc.

Participants Important members of the government, education officials, diplomatic envoys, principals and rectors, teachers, youths, scholars and experts, entrepreneur, media, etc.


How to register to attend The 9th CAECW

Method One

Please pay close attention to China-ASEAN Education Information Network and register online.

Method Two

If you personally or your organization receive the Invitation, please register according to the information afforded in the invitation.

Method Three

Contact us for more registration details.


Contact The Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of CAECW

TEL: +86-(0)851-85285768

FAX: +86-(0)851-85286933



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