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Address at High-level Dialogue of the 7th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week
Ma Mingqiang (Secretary-General of ASEAN-China Center)
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(September 1st, 2014, Guiyang)

Theme: China and ASEAN Educational Development, Planning, Policies, Thoughts and Goals

Dear Chairman, ministers,

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon!

I am very honored to be invited to the Opening Ceremony of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week in Guiyang and to speak at the High-level Dialogue. Thank the Organizing Committee for your warm invitation.

Since the founding of ASEAN-China Center three years ago, it has been taking education as first priority and making China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week as an important platform. This is the third year for us to attend the CAECW. With a closer cooperation with the education administration in ASEAN member states, we have made every effort in fulfilling the goal of Double 100,000 Students Plan to promote China-ASEAN education cooperation and exchanges. 

Then, I would like to give a brief introduction to ASEAN-China Center and  my thought about the significance of education cooperation and development between China and ASEAN countries and of this CAECW.

Introduction to ASEAN-China Center

With its headquarter in Beijing, ASEAN-China Center (ACC) is an inter-governmental organization jointly founded by Chinese government and 10 ASEAN Member States including Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. It aims to enhance cooperation in the priority areas of trade, investment, tourism, education and culture through the engagement of the private sectors. 

On November 18th, 2011, ACC was officially founded at the 14th ASEAN-China Summit & Commemorative Summit to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Dialogue Relations. The Secretary General of ASEAN and leaders of China and ASEAN countries attended the inauguration of ACC.

Since 2011, ACC has gained the support and guidance of leaders and authorities from 11 member states. At the ASEAN-China Summit in Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei Darussalam on October 9th, 2013, leaders of China and ASEAN countries announced the Joint Declaration on Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership and appreciated ACC’s effort in education development. The leaders proposed to develop ACC into a platform for better understanding, communication and cooperation by expanding cultural exchange and education cooperation.

ASEAN-China Center’s Effort in Education Area

ACC commits itself to the goal in Double 100,000 Students Plan that the number of students from the ten ASEAN countries studying in China to be totaled 100,000 by 2020, and vice versa, and serves the education departments of China and ASEAN countries, to achieve pragmatic results step by step, via the platforms of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization and China-ASEAN Language and Culture Center.

We have made the following efforts in education area: 

--holding 9 lectures and follow-up activities on Double 100,000 Students Plan for educational officials of Embassy of ASEAN in China, 

--organizing activities including 2 sports meetings and 2 Chinese Sping Festival Galas for ASEAN students in China; 

--facilitating cooperation between the higher vocational education and engineering technique education to implement the Double 100,000 Students Plan; 

--organizing CAECW with the support of SEAMEO for 3 successive years in accordance with the agreement reached by Guizhou Provincial Educational Department and ACC; 

--setting up a China-ASEAN Education Research Network and Sport Education Innovation Award for Schools of ASEAN Countries to forge a closer partnership and deepen project cooperation with SEAMEO; 

--establishing China-ASEAN Language and Culture Center with Beijing Language and Culture University to start more ASEAN language majors and various activities of overseas students. 

To sum up, we adhere to the principle of “introducing in” and “going global”, inviting foreign teachers and students to China and sending ours abroad for academic exchanges, and commit ourselves to offer better services in other activities. 

Since 2011, Chinese Vocational Colleges’ Trip to ASEAN, organized by ACC, including 4 visits to ASEAN, 3 return visits, has been participated by 10 ASEAN countries, 90 Vocational Colleges of China and 250 schools and institutions of ASEAN countries. By this platform, altogether 300 Memorandum of Understanding has been signed, over 130 ASEAN students have been awarded scholarships. What’s more, Chine has donated or has promised to donate 5 ASEAN countries with a set of teaching and training equipment worth of RMB1.2million and offered related training.

ASEAN-Japan Center’s Outlook for Regional Education Development and China-ASEAN Education Cooperation 

Although learning from the experience of ASEAN-Japan Center and ASEAN-Korea Center when founding ACC, we are unique in attaching greater importance to education. 

Education is characterized by its foresight and guidance and hence the basis for economic development and regional stability. In the development of education, it’s necessary and worthy for both sides to learn from each other in that they both have their unique advantages. 

Educational exchange is a key component of CAECW and is also the foundation for the future development of China-ASEAN relationship. Until now, student mobility between two sides reached about 200,000 persons annually, playing an important role in cultural exchange between China and ASEAN countries.

The educational cooperation of our two sides has sprung up with great potential. China and ASEAN countries have opened to the outside world, especially to developed countries. As the economic links between two sides is further promoted, it is necessary to turn our eyes to neigbors, to learn from and trengthen cooperation and exchange with each other on the basis of mutual understanding. In recent years, with the initiative of ASEAN-China Center, such voice can be heard from those new participants in every activity of CAECW.

ASEAN-China Center attaches great importance to regular exchange mechanism. This June, we have established the China-ASEAN Education and Research Network. Currently, we are promoting to build up China-ASEAN Federation of Cooperation in Vocational Education and Mechanism such as exchanges and cooperation between China-ASEAN engineering colleges and universities. On this occasion, I would like to thank these organizations for their contribution to this job and hope to get your further support. 

ASEAN-China Center’s Expectation to the CAECW

Since the founding of ASEAN-China Center, CAECW has been the major platform for the ACC’s work and ACC has always kept a close relationship with  Ministry of Education of the P.R.China and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.China and Guizhou Province.

On Sept. 16th, 2012, ACC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Guizhou Provincial Educational Department, providing support to CAECW.

On Sept 17th, 2013, ACC signed an agreement with Guizhou Provincial Educational Department and SEAMEO to jointly organize the Cooperation Week is a clear proof.

The past three years witnessed our role shifting from a participant to a co-organizer and forge an indissoluble bound with CAECW. We are hoping to achieve the following aspects:

1.CAECW should become a platform for dialogues on educational strategies between administrative educational Departments of China and ASEAN countries. We propose to hold a China-ASEAN Vocational Education Summit in CAECW and first begin a strategic dialogue on vocational education. We hope the dialogue in educational field could be an annual event and ministerial roundtable meeting could be held every five years.

2. CAECW should become the best platform for exchanges between China and ASEAN countries. On this occasion, we would like to propose that during this year’s China-ASEAN University Presidents Forum, priorities should be given to engineering universities, mainly discussing how to strengthen international cooperation and communication between among them. We are hoping to hold a conference in the fields of subject areas annually and a Comprehensive Conference five years a time.

3. CAECW should play a role in promoting educational cooperation and communication between both sides. Here, we propose to continue to hold China-ASEAN Educational Official Forum this year, discussing relevant policies and concrete practices mainly including the participants from Education Officials of the Embassy of ASEAN countries in China, Ministry of Education of P.R.China and the International Offices of Provincial Educational Departments. We hope this event can be held annually in future.

4.CAECW should be the pioneer in the humanity exchange of our two sides. Therefore, we support to hold various cultural activities such as Student Forum and Sports Meets among universities and international students. This year, we will continue to hold ASEAN Multimedia Art Exhibition. We are hoping such activities will be even more colorful.

5. CAECW should offer us the platform to showcase the fruits of our educational cooperation and exchanges. We propose widely inviting colleges and universities of China and ASEAN to attend the Cooperation Week and welcome them to organize relevant activities.

6. Besides, we also hope SEAMEO could actively participate in CAECW, mobilizing  and  taking the initiative as its secretariat and 21 Regional Centers play a role, to organize ASEAN countries to propose themes and activities, making Chinese participants have a deep understanding to ASEAN partners.

In the end, I’d like to wish CAECW a successful future with the support and guidance of governments from China and ASEAN countries. ASEAN-China Center will always be the active participant to the Cooperation Week.

Wish the China-ASEAN Educational Cooperation Week a complete success, and all of you a wonderful time in Guiyang!

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