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The Speech by Chen Min’er at Ministerial Forum of 7th “China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week”
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Dear Mr. Ma Peihua, Leaders, Honorable Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good afternoon! At this beautiful autumn, it’s our pleasure to get together with our guests in Guiyang, and discuss the prospect of China-ASEAN Cooperation.

Last October, President Xi Jinping proposed to build Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century during his visit to ASEAN countries. His proposal reveals China’s wish for in-depth cooperation and common development with its neighbors. With the theme Work Together and Make Education Benefit the People, this Cooperation Week fully expresses the spirit of peace, understanding, cooperation, and mutual benefits. Echoing “Maritime Silk Road”, this Week will promote the educational cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN countries. 

Located in the southeast of China, Guizhou Province is the transportation hub to the sea, the Gate of the Maritime Silk Road and also an entrance for ASEAN to access to China. In West China, Guizhou is one of the closest provinces to ASEAN countries. The southernmost point of Guizhou is only 200 kilometers away to the northernmost of Vietnam. The “Southern Silk Road” of Qin and Han Dynasty, the modern Guizhou-Yunnan-Myanmar War Road, and the “One Belt and One Road” of the current era, all reveal the friendly contacts and tight relations between Guizhou and ASEAN countries. In recent years, Guizhou has given priority to eco-friendly and environment-friendly industries in light with Mr. Xi Jinping’s requirements and related provincial policies. Guizhou’s economic growth rate ranks at the top of China, and there is a sound development in its eco-construction. Today’s Guizhou is at a new stage of development, with its unique strengths in resources, ecology, human resources, and policies.

The key to Guizhou people’s well-off life is talents, the basis,  education, and the way out, reform. Guizhou has always given priority to educaitonal development: free compulsory education is available in urban and rural areas; secondary education, secondary vocational education, and higher education have witnessed great progress; efforts are made in equal access to education of all levels in order to provide talents for Guizhou’s economic, social and cultural development

The key to sound relations between states is exchanges and communication between peoples. As an important part of cultual exchanges, educational communication is the important carrier of human thought heritage, and an essential force to promote the integration and co-existence of diversified cultures, and to enhance mutual trust and long-standing friendship among nations. In recent years, Guizhou promotes opening-up and cooperation and, through the platform of the “Cooperation Week”, deepens the communication with ASEAN and boosts international education. The Secretariat of “China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week” has been established in Guizhou. Guizhou University has become the base of “China-ASEAN Academic Forum”, “Education Foreign Aid Base”, and the “Research Center of ASEAN” funded by China’s Ministry of Education. Guizhou Electric Power Vocational Technology College has become one of the ten national “China- ASEAN Education Training Center”. Guizhou also has been listed in the boundary provinces enjoying China’s government scholarship for independent recruitment. Last year Guizhou launched “Scholarship Plan for International Students” and especially set  “Scholarship for ASEAN Students”. With the efforts of both parties, much progress has been achieved in education cooperation and exchanges. China and ASEAN have established comprehensive and cooperative partnership and developd in a way of education communication with unique characteristics.

2014 is a year for China-ASEAN culture exchange, in which more than 150 events of cultural eschanges will be held. We are willingly to seek opportunities and open a new prospect for China and ASEAN Education Cooperation.

With more open approach, we will deepen education cooperation and spare no effort to promote education globalization. Education globalization is the needs of Guizhou Province, of China and of ASEAN Countries. We will meet the agreements signed in every “Cooperation Week”, improve the plan of international education cooperation with ASEAN countries, strengthen the global communication and cooperation in education, increase the enrollment of foreign students and the scholarship for foreign students, and promote the credits transfer system, exchanges of teachers and students, and degree conferring between Chinese and ASEAN universities.

We will be more tolerant and receptive to diversified cultures to promote cultural exchanges. Every culture has its own historical tradition and humanism. Guizhou will give full play to schools to protect multi-national culture, promote the establishment of research center of countries, enhance the education on international understanding, cooperate with ASEAN in language teaching and other aspects. We hope for the joint efforts from China and ASEAN countries in our cross-cultural communication and common progress.

With broader vision, we will strengthen talent cultivation and open up new areas in scientific research cooperation. Science has no borders. Higher education and vocational education is the important base of basic research and technological innovation. Guizhou will encourage and support universities to carry out cooperation in scientific research, expand communication and cooperation with scientific research institutes of ASEAN countries, and provide a platform for scientific research institutes to innovate and cooperate, and tackle the scientific bottlenecks and address the global challenges with joint efforts.

With a long-term vision, we will enhance talent cultivation and explore new ways for youth exchanges. China and ASEAN countries have a longstanding friendship, of which the basis lies in communication between peoples, and the future, among youth. Through the platforms of “Study in China” Demonstration Base funded by Ministry of Education, ASEAN Students Service Center, etc., we shall organize cultural, art and sports activities on a regular basis. Besides, by the “China-ASEAN Ten-thousand Youth Exchange Plan”, we can encourage youth of both parties to volunteer in other countries, promote the friendship and cooperation between the young people of China and ASEAN states, and contribute to local and global peace and development.

Ladies and gentlemen, Guizhou is one of the most beauty province in China, and an ideal place for living, working, and travelling. It enjoys great reputation in its eco-protection and ethnic cultures such as the wine culture, ethnic songs and dances. While you go around, I’m sure you can feel its beauty and charm and the hospitality of Guizhou’s people.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your stay in Guizhou and wish this Forum a great success.

Thank you very much!

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