Highlights of the 8th CAECW
Special Guest Countries
From the 8th CAECW on, for better expanding the cooperative area and scope, the Organizing Committee initiates the mechanism of Special Guest Countries to invite different countries other than China and ASEAN member countries to participate every year.
Special Guest Countries for 2015 are Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Switzerland. We believe that the presence of the universities, colleges and schools, educational organizations, research institutions, media and enterprises from these countries will bring more vigor and practical cooperation to the 8th CAECW.
Beyond one ¡°Week¡±
Apart from the activities to be held in the ¡°week¡± in Guizhou, the Organizing Committee will introduce other activities hosted by other organizations devoted to promote educational cooperation between China and ASEAN in other time and other places.
Convention Venue
The 8th CAECW will be held in Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center, Guiyang, Guizhou, P. R. China. Guiyang International Eco-Conference Center takes up an area of more than 40,000 Square meters with a large convention hall for 3,500 persons, a large ballroom for 3,000 persons, an international conference room for 500 persons, 28 meeting rooms and private rooms. The Center is one of the intelligent meeting centers in China with the most scale and advanced facilities.
Add: No.1 Zhongtian Lu, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou, P. R. China
Registration information
Important Dates
Please register before June 20, 2015 The opening ceremony: Morning of Aug. 3 Other parallel sesions: Aug. 3-7
Ways to register
Please send your registration forms to Email at caecw@hotmail.com or Fax at +86-851-85286933. If any questions, please contact the staff of the Secretariat to get assistance. Tel:0851-85285768
No registration fee
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Contact Us
The Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week
Add: No.43 Zhongshan Xi Lu, Yunyan District, Guiyang 550003, Guizhou, P. R. China
Tel: +86-851-85285768
Fax: +86-851-85286933
E-mail: caecw@hotmail.com
Activities on Aug. 3-7

Organized by Ministry of Education, P. R. C., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P. R. C., The People¡¯s Government of Guizhou Province
A Plenary Session to be held in the morning of Aug. 3.


Organized by China Education Association for International Exchange(CEAIE), Guizhou Provincial Department of Education(GPDE), SEAMEO, ASEAN-China Centre (ACC)
TVET cooperation and development is common need for China and ASEAN countries
China-ASEAN TVET Reforming and Development Forum
Liaison: Mr. Yuan Ling
Email: yuanling@ceaie.edu.cn
China-ASEAN Dialogue on TVET Cooperation
Liaison: Mr. Yuan Ling
Email: yuanling@ceaie.edu.cn
3rd China-ASEAN TVET Achievement Exhibition
Liaison: Ms. Chen Wenwen
Email: 214047263@qq.com
China-ASEAN Culture Performance
Performance by students from vocational colleges and schools
China-ASEAN Seminar on Cross-border Education--- New Opportunities within the Framework of ¡°One Belt and One Road¡± Strategy
Liaison: Ms. He Pei
Email: hepei@ceaie.edu.cn
China-ASEAN Rail Transit Talent Cultivating Summit and Rail Transit Skills Show
Liaison: Ms. Tang Rongyu
Email: 466833781@qq.com


Organized by Ocean University of China, Tianjin University
2015 is the ¡°Year of China-ASEAN Maritime Cooperation¡±. In the forms of exhibition, forum, and training courses, this activites are aimed at promoting further cooperation in talent cultivation and science research cooperation
China-ASEAN Innovation Achievements Expo in Marine Science and Technology
Liaison: Ms. Qiu Shuang
Email: acnet_engtech@tju.edu.cn
China-ASEAN Forum on Law, Policy and Management of the Sea
Liaison: Dr. Guan Song
High-level Talents Training Courses on Marine Management and Blue Economy
Liaison: Mr. Chen Zhixi
Email: iec@ouc.edu.cn

Organized by Ministry of Education, P. R. China
High eudcation officials from China and ASEAN countries will gather together to discuss the policies of education and how to promote cooperation.
Liaison: Ms. Chen Wenjie
Email: chenwenjie@moe.edu.cn


Organized by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE)
Talents with international expertise and local understanding are key to enhancing cooperation and friendship between China and ASEAN.
China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Program Promotion Exhibition
Liaison: Ms. Zhang Lihui
Email: lhzhang@cscse.edu.cn
China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Information Presentation Area
Liaison: Ms. Yu Liqun
Email: lqyu@cscse.edu.cn
China-ASEAN Strategic Cooperation Fair on Education International Program
Liaison: Ms. Ji Jingfan, Mr. Han Sanjun
Email: dongmeng@cscse.edu.cn, sjhan@cscse.edu.cn
Istudyinchina and Its Strategic Partners Summing-up
CSCSE SATC Program Global Partners Conference 2015 & China-ASEAN Strategic Cooperation Seminar on Education International Program
Liaison: Mr. Zheng Yue
Email: yzheng@cscse.edu.cn
China-ASEAN Education Cooperation and Exchange Seminar
Liaison: Ms. Cui Yining
Email: yncui@cscse.edu.cn


Organized by Guizhou University
30 China-ASEAN Education Training Centers approved and established by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P. R. C. and Ministry of Education, P. R. C. promote their training programs and establish alliance.
Liaison: Ms. Wang Xuemei
Email: 649112063@qq.com

Seminar for Senior Managers in ASEAN(invitation-only)
¢ÙChina-ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA) Development Seminar
¢ÚSeminar for Senior Managers of Steel Enterprises in ASEAN Countries

Organized by Ministry of Commerce, P.RC., University of International Business and Economics, Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO), MOFCOM
The Second Meeting of the Southeast Asia-China Education Research Network & the Book Launch Meeting of The Guidebook to Education Systems and Reforms in Southeast Asia and China
Organized by ASEAN-China Centre(ACC), SEAMEO, National Institute of Education Science Liaison: Ms. Wang Yan Email: ywang08@live.com
China-ASEAN Youth Camp (invitation-only)
Organized by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League

General Tentative Schedule of the 8th CAECW 0629
Forum on Agricultural Economic and Green Transformation Development of ¡°Maritime Silk Road¡± Countries
Organized by Guizhou University
Liaison: Mr. Shen Peng Email: shenpeng76@163.com
China-ASEAN Special Education Seminar
Organized by Guizhou University of Engineering Science
Liaison: Mr. Yu Chao Email 371489704@qq.com
China-ASEAN Chinese Language Teaching Forum
Organized by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Guizhou Province
Liaison: Mr. Tan Hua Email: 441720819@qq.com
China-ASEAN Preschool Teachers' Development Forum
Organized by Guiyang Preschool Education College
Liaison: Ms. Wen Jia Email: 18683897@qq.com


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